About Me

Hi, I’m Nate. I’m an ENFP and for me, it’s all about people.

All the best things in my life have come through the amazing people that I’ve been able to learn with and from.

My investment and life strategy is built on three core principles which have been reinforced and proven over and over in my life:

  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • The quality and quantity of your opportunities expands exponentially with your circle.
  • Success is best when shared and there’s always enough for everyone.

I have grown and sold a seven-figure business, but more important than any financial achievement is the quality relationships that I have formed.

I believe that success is better when shared, and that relationships create the best opportunities.

I team up with people in order to grow businesses bigger, better and faster – together.

What we can achieve together is far greater than what we can achieve alone. See if you’re a good fit.

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If your business has potential, but hasn’t quite reached it yet, let’s connect. You can sell your business, and use the cash to pursue your next venture.

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If your current business already has traction and you’re ready to accelerate it to the next level, let’s connect. We can invest in your business and provide both capital and expertise to help your business reach its full potential.

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If you have ideas about partnering with my network, experience, or capital, let’s connect. I’m open to any opportunity that can create abundance.

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  • We rise by lifting others.